Lim Leng Wee

Before I started this course my knowledge in photography was mainly point and shoot with my camera auto function.

Looking back at the pictures I took, they were really a mess! During this 1 year of learning and with the help of my tutor, my skills and understanding of photography have improved tremendously. With the flexibility of studying at home, it made it possible for me to concentrate on my hobby while looking after my children.

I am proud to say that my landscape pictures were selected by Nikon Singapore Facebook under their Contre-jour Photography Technics and my close up photo of a Butterfly was also selected as "Photo of the Month" by Nikon capture Singapore.

All thanks to my tutor, who's been helping me endlessly along the way.

Overall I am giving a 5 Star Rating to The Photography Institute and their Team. Thanks for all the guidance you've all given me and I will keep on working to produce great images in the future.

Maryanne Elizabeth Foskett

My name is Maryanne Foskett and I have always been interested in Photography. I started out taking pictures as a hobby for the purpose of capturing moments in time either with friends, traveling or social functions.

I moved to Southeast Asia with my work to a place that was rich in culture, diversity, food, architecture, and beauty. Taking pictures the way I used to was not going to be enough to capture the beautiful people and places we were going to see.

Each module of this course pushed me technically and creatively to give my best work and over the past year watched my photos become so much more clearer, colourful, and creative. The reading for each module provides both technical reading and many examples of pictures on what you are learning to visually see the technical skill and how it presents itself in a final product.

This is good for visual learners, hands on learners and also help you think more creatively as you see other photographers work.

I recommend this course to anyone who loves to take pictures whether they plan to use it professionally or personally. I have some of the most beautiful pictures of our travels, and the people of Asia and have started to take pictures for others.

Luo Yu Min

The Photography Institute was a god send to me. After admiring photography for many years it was great to find a course you could do online at your own pace and with no pressure.

Being in full time work, it would have been hard for me to do a course in photography at college, so when I found this course I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

The personal tutors are a great help right from the start, recommending books and giving you advice and being there throughout the course to help you.

The modules are very in depth and beneficial covering a whole range of different areas in photography. The assignments are marked honestly and the praise and constructive criticism received helps you fine tune your work. The final assignments really help you find the field of photography you would like to pursue.

Before this course my knowledge of photography was very basic. Now I'm taking shots that are improving all the time and it's all backed up by a vast amount of knowledge I have learnt from this course.

I have friends who spent two years at college doing photography courses and they are amazed at what I learnt in the space of these twelve modules.

This course is great for anyone wanting to learn about photography whether it be just as a hobby, freelance or professional it helps lay a solid foundation to the fantastic rewarding world of photography.

I would recommend The Photography Institute to anyone. It was certainly one of the greatest things I've ever done.

Nur Anwati

The Photography Institute's Online Professional Photography Course has been an immense challenge and inspiration to me.

I have seen my photography skills improve dramatically over the duration of the course along with my confidence and knowledge too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the personal tone of each of the modules and the comprehensive assignments - although challenging, they were always applicable. The criticism and feedback from the tutors was fair and honest and I learned just as much from them as I did the modules throughout.

It's a well rounded and informative course that is very enjoyable. The Professional Photography Course has turned a passion of mine into a skill for my new career.

Douglas Ng Swee Siong

This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone and everyone who likes to capture moments in their lives through a lens.

I like photography as a hobby and even after searching for hours for more information on the internet about photography, I found there were no proper guidelines and the information was very confusing. After I took up this course I was suddenly back on track, everything was covered comprehensively in this course.

My tutor was fast in response and very professional in his guidance, it was great to work with an industry professional.

Thank you PI and all the staff who have helped me achieve my goals.

Muhammad Isa Bin Mohyi Hapipi

As I didn't have much time to sit down in a class to listen to lectures, this course really helped me out with that. In the beginning, I didn't think I could benefit much from an online course. But the interaction between me and the tutor really made a difference. It was easy to communicate with my tutor, not only module's related, but photography as a whole.

My friends and family said they can really see me grow as a photographer since taking this course. I'm now thinking of how to market myself, rather then just taking photos.

For those of you who really love photography and want to learn more, but have limited time, this course will work for you. Trust me, it did work for me. So go ahead, sign up, you will look at photography in a totally new angle, or should I say, you will look at light in a new way. As they said, photography, is painting with lights.

I would really like to thank everyone who made this course possible.

Violet Benjamin

It has been a pleasure being a student of The Photography Institute. I have always aspired to study the art of photography, whilst being able to continue with my personal commitments and travels.

Studying online with The Photography Institute gave me that possibility.

The flexibility of being able to study in my own time, as well as being able to meet students from all over the world through the Facebook site, has made studying with The Photography Institute a most pleasurable experience.

I am in the process of working with a photo library to create my own website and I am excited at the prospect of turning my hobby into a career!

Thank you to The Photography Institute for making this wonderful course available for people like myself, who enjoy photography and wish to pursue it as a career.

My friends and family said they can really see me grow as a photographer since taking this course. I'm now thinking of how to market myself, rather then just taking photos.

Muhammad Isa Bin Mohyi Hapipi

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